Kai Kuutamo & Aimo Annos
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Juggler Kai Kuutamo and musical multi athlete Aimo Annos combine their strengths and give birth to small miracles for the joy and amazement of the audience. The unspoken street theatre style show trusts in the collaboration of physical expression and live music. The presence of the performers keeps the audience on it's toes and manages to maintain the attention of even the youngest of spectators. The show itself bows to no one and is true all the way to the explosive end.

For ages 4-99
Duration 40 minutes


 Kai Kuutamo | Kaj-Mikael Schütt Kai Kuutamo | Kaj-Mikael Schütt

Kaj is an professional performer and circus artist specializing in juggling. He has a degree of circus teacher from the Turku University of Applied Sciences and has been teaching, performing and organizing projects here and there around Europe and Asia. You can find more about Kaj if you wish at his own webpage: www.sirkussirkus.com

 Yun Chantrea Aimo Annos | Arttu Aarnio

Arttu is a multi-talent performer and theatre technician who has been working among countless professional performing arts groups and theatres as an actor, musician, sound designer, light designer or composer. He has a long career in light and sound design and he has been working for many productions and events as a stage manager.
 Producer | Jesper Dolgov Producer | Jesper Dolgov

Jesper is a professional producer currently working for TIP Fest. He is a down to earth producer who is not afraid of paper work, ringing telephones or face-to-face meetings. He is also one of the few producers who is not afraid to get his own hands dirty when it comes to that.



We are available again for the summer season 2016 and we are booking for 2017 aswell. To check if we are free for your event and for technical information contact producer Jesper Dolgov.

Jesper Dolgov
+358 50 337 4040


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Article in news paper 5.8.2013 (FIN)
Article in news paper 5.8.2013 (ENG)

 KKAA Promo-1

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