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Kaj-Mikael Schütt presents:

Artist: Kaj-Mikael Schütt
Music: Bogey McHardy (Canada)
Lights: Antti Kulmala
Coaching: Sampo Kurppa
Stage design: Kaj-Mikael Schütt

What happens when an ex-circus artist finds himself
working in the warehouse of a small delivery company?
This is the starting setting for KAJ MIKAEL SCHÜTT´s
new piece called SPECIAL DELIVERY.

The everyday work atmosphere will get some romantic
spices, when the lonely circus artist does not want
to forget his roots. The past shines through even though
life is changing and even if we would want to grow up.
You can never be sure about tomorrow, not even if you
are working for a delivery company, and every moment
has to be lived to it´s full potential.

The moral of the story is that fooling around and play
are acceptable and sometims even recommended, but that 
you also have to take responsability of your actions.
SPECIAL DELIVERY is SCHÜTT´s third solo show, and at the
same time will comemorate his careers´ 10th anniversary.
The premiere will be seen at Barker-Theater 17.8.2012.
The show will run until the end of August, and after
it will tour in local elementary schools in Southwest
Finland. Later the show can be booked and it will be
marketed for festival and theaters internationally.

For more information, visit: / 040 754 6182 / Kaj-Mikael Schütt / 02 23 83903 / Barker-theater


17.8.   SHOWTIME: KLO 19.00
18.8.   Barker-Theater
19.8.   Virusmäentie 65
22.8.   20300 Turku
24.8.   TICKETS: 12€ / 7€
29.8.   Recommended age 5 years and up
30.8.   For private daytime shows for groups
31.8.   in between 17.8.-31.8. contact:

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Poster 2012

Poster 2012 (PRINT QUALITY)

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