Alexandr Koblikov (Kiev, Ukraine)


Gold medal from Cirque de Demain 2009. Do we have to say more? Ofcourse! He has gratuated from the Kiev state college of variety and circus arts of Ukraine. His teacher Yuriy Pozdnyakov, who is among many others, the teacher of Viktor Kee, Taras Pozdnyakov, Grigoriev Lovignin. We will see his award winning ball routine in the Public Show, and he will also have a workshop with Yuriy Pozdnyakov. This truly is something not to miss!

Jani Suihkonen

(Tampere, Finland)

The Father of all finnish jugglers (except Ville Walo). He is the most experienced performer on the festival. He has been given many names like Jani, Suihkonen, Jean Fontaine, The Living Legend, The Juice Leskinen of juggling, The Inventor and many more. He has invented dozens of juggling props of his own: The saunacup-clubs, the see-through-cigarboxes, the magnet-sticks, the peace-rings, the ball-rails, the body-moving-clubs, the list goes on...

See him opening the NJC2009 with his one-man-show called "AAHMAA". Jani will also be performing in the public show doing something completely different.

Matias Salmenaho

(Tampere, Finland)

Matias was training with Kristian Wanvik during april 2009. 50 throws and 50 catches of 7 clubs, that's Matias allright. He is often seen performing with Jay Gillihgan, and he was also part of the Seven Fingers circus group. Just before the festival Matias can be seen in France with the show La Piste La. Serious club action to be expected in the Public Show.

Jouni Temonen

(Tampere, Finland)

Jouni is a man, who has performed in all places. Japan, Canada, Netherlands, varietees of Germany, Lahti, Sirkussirkus-boutique... You name it, and he has been there! The only thing he didn't want to do was to tour Sweden. Unbelievable street performances, solid circus acts and contemporary åbject manipulation. Jouni can do it all. In Turku we will see him doing his material from 3 clubs to 7 clubs.

Kristian Wanvik


Kristian is originally from Norway, but is now living in Tampere Finland. He just told us that he is now working on 5 ball mills mess 753, and that it is starting to look good... He also made 49 catches with 7 clubs on the same day Matias did 50. Go Kristian!

Frida Odden Brinkmann


The true dominator of the three ball cascade. Frida has gratuated from Piloterna (Sweden) and Fratellini (France) circus schools. She is known to be able to bounce 9 balls and is also capable of bouncing while doing the slack rope. Now how's that for a multitalent?! Check her out at NJC2009 TURKU FINLAND!

Rauli Kosonen

(Turku, Finland)

The guy with the biggest balls you will find on the festival! Rauli has gratuated from Piloterna (Sweden) and from CNAC (France). He has also been coached by the legendary father of Turun Circus: Esa Östberg. His disciplines include trampoline, acrobatics and gym balls. All the circus groups in France want him, but we have him in Turku. Rauli is also a native Turku-dweller.
You can find videos from:

Lauri Koskinen

(Turku, Finland)

Another native from Turku. Apart from being an excellent juggler, Lauri is the finnish champion in restaurant magic. He is right now studying juggling and rhytm in Sweden with Jay Gilligan and Luke Wilson. He's been juggling for over ten years and doing the weights for over three years, and has never looked better.

You can find videos from:

Kalle Lehto (Raisio, Finland)

Born in Raisio, gratuated from Turku Academy Arts and Crafts. Also known by the name Karlos Amore. This rapping, breakdancing, salto-acro-spinning juggler is right now taking part in the nordic "Juggling the Arts" -project. Allthough having lots of things in the air, he will take the time to perform his slick ring routine in the Public Show.

Jukka Grönfors (Kuopio, Finland)

Born in Kuopio this handstand virtuose started as a magician. Nowadays he has sold his pigeons and prefers to stand on his fingers instead. He has been living his life upside down in many places, including Stockholm Sweden, Moscow Mother Russia, Kiev Ukraine, Turku Finland and has been seen in many shows around Scandinavia. He has also gratuated from Turku Academy of Arts and Crafts. Jukka is a talented teacher and a graceful hand balancer who values the traditions of circus arts.

Antti Nerg (Jyväskylä, Finland)

Started juggling in Jyvääskylä. His skills include almost all of the basic juggling props: devil stick, diabolos, clubs, balls, rings... Pacifist, who does not take on arms, but is keen on genocides. Antti is also the toughest BMX-trickster on the west coast of Finland. On the festival we will see Antti's D-stick routine.

Jerina Hintikka (Espoo, Finland)

Gratuated from Turku Academy of Arts and Crafts. Jerina does hoops in a way they are meant to be done. Jerina provides the finest quality hola-hoop sweetness for your enjoyment. Just right for the bar-night. Jerina is also a top professional aerial ring artist. Check out from

Kaj-Mikael Schütt

(Naantali, Finland)

Also known better for finnish people who can't spell his name as juggler Kai Kuutamo. Merchant to the bone, Kaj-Mikael is owner of the only circus/juggling shop in Finland: Sirkussirkus. Known to juggle the physic defying finnish poles with grace. This time Kaj-Mikael is going to show us his call card ball routine. You can find videos from:
Finnish poles training video also in

Samuli Männistö

(Uimaharju, Finland)

Silver prize in the finnish diabolo championship 2009. A hard boiled festival veteran, who is also arranging the EJC2010 Joensuu Finland. Has directed circus shows to such places as the city theatre of Turku and performed at such places as Eräjärven Seuraintalo. Long career as polytechnic teacher of juggling. Next year he is going for the gold!

Marko Akkanen (Lahti, Finland)

Yoyos, diabolos, anything spinning on strings... Marko loves it! Apart from his passion for strings and spinning things he is also a reliable magician. Bronze prize in the finnish diabolo championship 2009 AND in the finnish magic championship few years back. Marko will be introducing us new material involving strings in the bar-night.

Olli Vuorinen (Espoo, Finland)

Olli is a finnish chef who's favourite dish is the radical fish. Now he is studying in Fratellini circus school in France. He has his roots in Narri with Ville Walo. Olli will be performing his fresh 3 club routine with lots of movement and smooth manipulation.

Pictures coming soon.

Confirmed artists:

Sakari Männistö - Juggling - Finland

Alexandr Koblikov - Juggling - Ukraine CANCELLED

Matias Salmenaho - Juggling - Finland

Lauri Koskinen - Juggling - Finland

Rauli Kosonen - Acrobatics - Finland

Kristian Wanvik - Juggling - Finland

Jani Suihkonen - Juggling - Finland

Jouni Temonen - Juggling - Finland

Jerina Hintikka - Juggling - Finland

Kalle Lehto - Juggling - Finland

Antti Nerg - Juggling - Finland

Jukka Grönfors - Handstand - Finland

Frida Odden Brinkmann - Juggling - Norway

Olli Vuorinen - Juggling - Finland

Kaj-Mikael Schütt - Juggling - Finland

Samuli Männistö - Juggling - Finland

Marko Akkanen - Juggling/Magic - Finland