We offer many ways of contributing for our cause. You can make donations through a normal bank transfer to our European account or via Paypal. We have special visibility offers for sponsors and sometimes we launch crowdfunding campaigns as well. So feel free to pick one and let it all out!

All money sponsored or donated will be used 100% without any cuts (after bank transfer / withdraw / PayPal expenses) for the project. This means your money will be used for three things:

1. Construction of a permanent training space
2. Circus equipment
3. Salaries of the Cambodian professional circus teachers

You can find our plans in PDF format at the bottom of the page under the title DOCUMENTS.


We need money to build a training space and to purchase or build various training equipment. You can see detailed plans below. Most juggling equipment we can build ourselves with very little money, but it is the proper equipment concerning acrobatics and safety that are harder to obtain or they need more expensive materials and expertise to build. We are also looking for long term sponsors to ensure the future of our project for years to come.

We can offer your company a visual add and a link on our webpage, Facebook-page and blog for a time from 2 to 10 years depending on the size of your support. We will also have a physical billboard add made with all the sponsors to hang on the wall of the training space when the space is ready.

We will gladly provide you with more pictures, our detailed plans and any kind of information that you require about the project.

You can find our plans in PDF format at the bottom of the page under the title DOCUMENTS.

We have three kinds of sponsorship contracts to offer:

Basic Sponsor $500+ 2 years of visibility
Hero Sponsor $1000+ 5 years of visibility
Super Hero Sponsor $5000+ 10 years of visibility

Contact us via email if you wish to contribute as a sponsor:


Private donations minimum of 10 dollars can be made on the following account or through PayPal. All donors will be added to the donor list online and on the wall of the training space. We appreciate even the smallest of help. We also welcome donations in the form of new or used gymnastic and circus equipment. You can find our plans in PDF format at the bottom of the page under the title DOCUMENTS.

Donation via bank transfer

IBAN: FI65 1590 3500 4320 99
Name and Address of the bank: Nordea Bank, Kauppiaskatu 9B, 20100 Turku, Finland

Please include CIRCUS KAMPOT DONOR and your name in your transfer if you wish to have your name on the donors list. You can also choose another persons name as a gift or i.e. your company's name.

Donation via PayPal click here:



This is a work in progress. Soon you will be able to join a support association for Circus Kampot if you wish. We plan to have different packages for support members depending if you want contribute monthly or yearly. More information coming up once we get all sorted out and organized at Finland's end.


All documents in PDF format.

Training space building plan and budget

Equipment budget

3D model shots of the coming training space



Donors and Contributors


Boyd Benjamin
Briefe Maja
Dahlberg Fanny
Granberg Karl
Heikkilä Iiro
Lahtinen Joonas
Lainema Ilkka
Laitinen Riikka
Lannerdahl Eva-Maj 
Lannerdahl Lennart
Lehto Kalle
Leroux Alexandre
Kosonen Rauli
Liinamaa Susanna
Linden Marcus
Littoisten Sanomat - Riippumaton Lasten Sana 
Katajavuori Tuulia
Keränen Jukka
Koskela Matti
Kurppa Sampo
Kämäräinen Seppo
Mansbridge Katriina
Mäntylä Elisa
Olason Filip
Palosaari Satu
Reijndorp Paul
Reinvall Ramona
Rick Lars
Saikkonen Toni
Santalahti Ville
Schütt Hans-Peter
Schütt Jan-Erik
Schütt Joakim
Schütt Maj-Britt 
Schütt Riitta
Varpanen Harri
Vuorinen Olli
Wurm Rasmus