I have been working among many different social projects involving circus like the EU-project Effective Circus, Turun Sirkus, Kulho Project and many smaller scale projects. We have been able to reach amazing results with children, youth, the disabled and seniors. And I do not mean results as in circus technique but in wellfare in general. Both mental and physical. I believe there is a place for this kind of activity in southern Cambodia as well.

The idea is to offer the local youth and others interested a place to start a healthy and fun hobby that can lead to extra income for the families and possibly even to a career some day. We have open doors for anyone who really wants to learn and practice no matter the age, sex, religion or disabilities. All education we offer is free of charge for the Khmer people. Along teaching circus we want to host shows to benefit our cause and to share our achievements with the community and by passers. We have now expanded to teaching English to our students as well.

I myself am a professional circus artist and I also have a degree of circus teacher (Turku University of Applied Sciences). I have been teaching juggling in Cambodia at Phare Ponleu Selpak (a cambodian NGO based circus school) and at Epic Arts (NGO for the disabled in Cambodia) and I speak the khmer language. We are aiming to have our project done in co-operation with these two NGOs to share information and resources when we get everything up and going full scale. 


Not to forget the whole project is very diverse, one of our main goals on the side is to also to offer work for the professional Cambodian circus artists as teachers at Circus Kampot. We will do our best to support the existing circus scene in a constructive way in Cambodia.

The Khmer culture is very rich and layered but there is a huge need for more diversity in the performing arts culture. We want to offer our students a way to express themselves through circus arts and be a part of reviving the Cambodian performing arts.


The inspiration for this project has been born through working as a part of similar bigger projects in Cambodia like Phare Ponleu Selpak and Epic Arts. We want to start this kind of a project in Kampot too. Phare Ponleu Selpak is 440 kilometers away and the reach of Epic Arts in Kampot is not limitless either. Our project will surely raise the local wellfare remarkably through working, playing, learning and creating together.

Here are some photos of our classes. (Click images to enlarge.)
Photos are out for now. Coming back soon. For more pictures visit our blog.



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