We wanted to start a place for practicing circus arts in Kampot Cambodia. We bought a piece of land for the project early in 2013 and started to build our headquarters in October 2013. We started to have circus lessons for the youth of the local village in March 2014. You can follow our development in more detail in our blog. 

The idea is to offer the local youth and others interested a place to start a healthy and fun hobby that will offer extra income for their families and possibly even lead to a career some day.

We have open doors for anyone who really wants to learn and practice no matter the age, sex, religion or disabilities. All education we offer is free of charge for the Khmer people. Along teaching circus we want to host shows to benefit our cause and to share our achievements with the community and by passers.

If you would like a more detailed description of our vision, please go to the Significance section.



The location of the project is in Kampot Cambodia. Kampot is 150 kilometers away from the capital Phnom Penh in a very beautiful location between the sea and the mountains. Our premises are 2 kilometers to the west from the city centre of Kampot along National Highway 3 (NH3) towards Sihanoukville and another 2 km off the road towards the mountains after Wat Kampot. The easiest way to find us is to take the small red dirt road to the right just after the L.H.R. gas station. This road will bring you straight to us if you have faith and continue far enough. This road is the smallest road but also the one in the best condition. Drive slow please and keep to the right. We are located very close (400m) to the Bokor Supermarket and Bohemiaz guesthouse

We are part of the Andong Khmer district (Dong Khmei in the Google maps) and more precisely our village in this district is called Phum Ta Dap. Foreign people know the area as International Village or Bokor Mountain View Village for a more cachy name. Local people usually speak of this area by the name Khmaoit Chaol. Distance to the capital Phnom Penh is 150 kilometers.

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PROJECT MANAGER Kaj-Mikael Schütt (Finland)

Kaj is a professional performer and circus artist specializing in juggling. He has a degree of circus teacher from the Turku University of Applied Sciences and has been teaching and having juggling workshops here and there around the world. He has also managed succesfully his own business in Finland since 2005. Kaj can speak fluent english and good khmer. He also takes care of the graphical image of Circus Kampot from flyers and posters to website design. You can find more about Kaj if you wish at his own webpage:


MANAGER'S WIFE Yun Chantrea (Cambodia)

Chantrea is originally from the town of Moung Russay in Battambang province. She studied banking and accounting in the Battambang University. Chantrea has been working as a waitress and as a cook in Kampot and Sihanoukville. She can speak fluent english.


TECHNICAL WEBMASTER Joonas Lahtinen (Finland)

CO-PRODUCER Marcus Lindén (Finland)



Donors and Contributors


Boyd Benjamin
Briefe Maja
Dahlberg Fanny
Granberg Karl
Heikkilä Iiro
Lahtinen Joonas
Lainema Ilkka
Laitinen Riikka
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Lannerdahl Lennart
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Leroux Alexandre
Kosonen Rauli
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