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Everything is there with pictures all the way from 2013 August 26th to 2014 September 16th.

Goodbye for now

So it all came to an end. We have been running the project for two long years and as it seems it unfortunately has no future at least not for now. We encountered many difficulties on the way. The most challenging part was to find students who would devote themselves to practice. In the two years we basically found two students out of more than fifty who had enough effort to form an act and take it out for show.

Why did it go this way? What did we do wrong? I would say nothing really. We were offering easy, fun and free circus classes promoting good health,exercise, team-work and social well being. I guess we could have chosen the location and time better but are things of space-time continuum that where we do not want to go.

At least we did all we could to make this project bloom. Everything was free, we were teaching warm-up, stretching and basic technique in many disciplines, we had international and Khmer guests performing and teaching at Circus Kampot, we watched videos together, we spoke Khmer, we got gigs for the students, we were offering English classes from time to time, we were part of the Cirque du Monde network, we were applying for funds in many different sectors, we designed and budgeted our own training space (never built though).

This and many other things we did on the way and I think although the project stopped I think it was not vain. Not in vain at all.

We had lots of good times with a lot of students. I think we were able to give a glimpse of inspiration for the children we worked with. I think that the most important thing they learned was the fact that there is life outside the box. That here are things to discover and learn outside the ordinary.And that those things can be explored alone or together working in a team and that it can be fun.

In the picture you see me and four local guys taking down the trampoline. I gave the frame to the tallest guy, Rattanak, so he could use it to build a roof for his house.

Thank You all who supported us on the way!
It was a great ride and it might still continue some day!



The Thailand Clown Festival was a big success having over 40 clowns attending it all around South-East Asia. Shows also included different magicians and a specific Finnish juggler. The proceeds of the festival went to an organization called the Freedom Harvest which helps the Burmese refugees near the border of Thailand.

On another note the Sea Festival rolled on to Kampot and on Friday 11th we went with six of our students to walk around with the giant "Tortobster" puppet they had made together with Hajana. The puppet was born mixing up the different sea creature drawings the children had made a few weeks earlier. Hajana then designed the puppet and built it out of locally available materials with the help of our students. We got a great reception at the festival with the puppet gathering a lot of smiles and interest in the suprised locals.

Thanks to Planter's for sponsoring the materials and rides for the puppet!


Puppet Theater visits Circus Kampot

Duo Hajana, a puppet theater group from Finland, arrived at Circus Kampot on the 16th of November. Since their arrival we have been looking into puppet theater with our students. The students got to try out Pongo, which is Hajana's signature orangutan puppet who was performing in Malaysia just before hitting Circus Kampot. They also tried out some shadow puppets and the grand plan is to build a giant puppet for the sea festival together with the students.

The sea festival will be starting on the 11th December and work on the big puppet has already started. Kaj will be travelling soon to Bangkok to perform on the Thailand Clown Festival and for that time the trampoline classes will be off but they are back on from the start of December. Here are a few photos taken by photographer Marcus Boyd who is also visiting us at the moment. If you want to learn more about Hajana check out the Hajana-facebook page.


The Trampoline

After working on our headquartes for three weeks we now have the trampoline up and working, everything cleaned and repaired and we also have some other new props to go around with.

We would like to thank all our individual supporters and our sponsors (Sirkussirkus, SirkusUnioni and Ashville Juggling Festival) for making the trampoline possible. This is a very big step forward for Circus Kampot. The trampoline is not only great fun but it also lets our students experiment with acrobatics more easily with more air time and a more safe landing area. It enhances courage, coordination of the body as a whole, makes it easier to approach different acrobatic feats later on the ground level and it is a great and fun excercise to improve stamina and center body support as well.

On top of the trampoline we finally got some normal size juggling rings from Sirkussirkus and a grand unicycle donated by the Thai Circus from Thailand. Good fun with these new props as well. The future looks bright at the moment as students from the village are piling up to get back to the circus. We will start open trampoline and circus sessions for travellers and local expats soon enough and there are plans on starting a weekly english circus class for the foreign children as well.


Back in the Pot

So we are back at Circus Kampot and we are open for all. After a busy summer of about a hundred shows during four months in Finland we are now here and we hope to make it count. The past week has gone cleaning up and organizing the place after the rainy season. Students are coming and going and soon the classes start again during weekends. We got small juggling rings from Sirkussirkus, a unicycle from Thai Circus and soon we will start building the FIG certified olympic level trampoline on the yard. The bar is also open for business and we are hoping to have guests soon in our rooms.

Before leaving Finland we organized a big multi arts festival for the whole family. We were able to raise funds and awareness towards Circus Kampot and we plan to make an annual festival thanks to critical acclaim. You can check the moods of the festival from this video: 


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